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Ride with the Light and Motion Arc

Interested in a new light? I will be testing the Light and Motion Arc bike light in the coming weeks. Please feel free to join us on a Thursday night ride to see it in action. Light and Motion Bicycle Lights These lights are available for purchase at Wheelcraft in Elm Grove. These lights are amazing. During our night ride this single light can illuminate the trail for 3-4 riders.

The Bipolar Trail - North Bend Rail Trail

North Bend Rail Trail We drove from Wheeling, WV to the trail head outside of Clarksburg, WV, a two hour drive. The plan was to ride from Clarksburg to Parkersburg, stay overnight, and return the next day. The first few miles of the North Bend Rail Trail started out promisingly. From the Wolf Summit eastern terminus the double track trail is comprised of gravel. The trail soon turned into a challenging combination of flooded sections, flooded tunnels, single track, and finally the joy of riding on trail sections completely overgrown by grass (with ruts thrown in to make it interesting). We even interrupted a few people mowing the section of the trail that ran through their back yard. We also experienced mechanical issues, unrelated to the trail, but none the less frustrating. Several flats and the loosening of the rack attachment points on my Lemond resulted in the rack clanking for 3/4 of the ride were annoyances that we could have done without. After 29 miles we reached the town of G

Weekly Thursday Night Ride

If you are interested in riding at night in a group setting please email Kevin Ayers at or Ray George at We typically start at 9:00PM on Thursday in Elm Grove. Lights are required. We usually ride the trail to the Brooke County line and return by 11:00-11:30. 8/11/2006 - We had 5 riders participate in the night ride. It was 68 degrees and clear with a full moon.