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Klein 2007 models available in the US

I am a big Klein bicycle fan. I own three. I was unhappy to hear that Klein would only be sold in Japan for 2007. But, last night when I was at Wheelcraft I was talking with Andy about the situation. We looked at the site and it was updated with the new 2007 models. Unfortunately the coolest model, the Karma, does not look like it will be available here. And the high end models have moved from aluminum to carbon and lost the internal cable routing. The Klein 2007 Catalog


FACT carbon rims increase vibration dampening and it's aerodynamically superior design yields 50% less frontal area, dramatically reducing wind drag. The Rapide Star Wheelset is ideal for high performance race / all-around riding. Intended use: High performance race / all-around riding Aerodynamically superior design yields 50% less frontal area, dramatically reduces wind drag 100% FACT composite Mid V profile clincher rims provide optimum smoothness and stiffness Super-stiff and strong cold forged 7075 Al 5-point star hubs 20 front / 20 rear 2-Into-1 extreme spoke lacing pattern maximizes power transfer Custom DT Aerolite butted spokes, 2.0mm round / 2.3x0.9mm bladed Roval custom self-aligning hidden nipples with nylon threadlock Titanium Quick-release axles, forged alloy levers Comes with Shimano Dura-Ace 10 spd compatible cassette body Campy 10-Spd and Shimano 9-10 spd compatible cassette bodies available separately Padded cordura nylon double wheel bag Weight: Wheels = 17

The new "Wednesday Night Ride" bicycle

A-Bike Invented by Sir Clive Sinclair "..the idea is that if you have a bicycle which is seriously lighter and more compact than anything existing at the moment, it will change the way in which people see bikes.” "'s so well built it could have been machined in a Formula One factory .. this is the ipod of bicycles, a fantastic feat of engineering.." Time Out Magazine November 2006

Bicycle Film Festival - Not Coming To A Town Near Us

Bicycle Film Festival

UPDATED From the mailbag - A suggestion for upcoming Wednesday night rides

ORIGINAL POST In response to the growing demand in making Wednesday nights more like happy hour, John Cusack has invested in PedalPub to bring the dream to reality in the Wheeling area. With the growing number of Wheeling cyclists complaining that Wednesday nights are too hard, while some want a warm-up and other just want a nice easy ride, Cusack believes the market is ripe for this new business. PedalPub will only offer premium quality draft beer and once a month, it will offer the best of the local brewed beer. We're even considering making changes to the vehicles structure so that we can enclose it for the winter months. This way the boys can train all winter long on the PedalPub Mobile and bring their wives along for the ride too. Please take some time out of your busy schedule and view our website. We look forward to serving you in 2007. Finally, thank you to all those that are making this dream come true. John Cusack AL FROM PEDALPUB.COM RESPONDS I don

Biking Resources

I have setup my own website at Please don't be scared of my image on the homepage. Click on the biking link. Through my exhaustive research I have compiled links to a variety of websites. Please feel free to email me any links that I may have missed or that you would like added. I will also add topics/subpages if people would like to suggest them.

Wheeling Heritage Trail Expansion NEWS

Wheeling Heritage Trail Expansion January 29, 2007 update: We are currently waiting on approval for Phase 1 grant application submitted 8 January, 2007 for $470,000. If approval is received construction should begin in late Spring and completed by the end of summer, 2007. Phase 1 will connect the West face of Tunnel Green with a ramp down to the abandoned rail line on the south bank of Wheeling Creek proceeding west downstream to the Ogden Tech Center, cross Wheeling Creek at the Green Bridge, and continue on the north bank of the stream through the West Virginia Northern Community College Campus, passing under Chaplin Street Bridge and exiting onto 18th Street adjacent to Electrical Contractors Supply. This route will eliminate the need for the trail on the East Wheeling Streets, resulting in safer egress from the Ohio River Trail to the Big Wheeling Creek Trail. Grant decision for the Phase 1 application is anticipated in late April, 2007.