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I am running out of time to reach 3k miles. I rode on Sunday and added 22 miles. Unfortunately I am supposed to be taking a break from exercise because I pulled a muscle and the doctor said to take it easy. Soooo, I don't know if I will make it.

Sunday Ride Wrapup

It always amazes me how quickly I start to lose my fitness when I'm off the bike for a week or two. I rode from downtown to the dam and back. 13 miles roundtrip. Saw a group of cyclists heading north, looked like the group Cusack hangs with. On the way south there was a head wind. I struggled to go 15mph. Now I know why I wanted to sit on the couch and watch football.

Dirty Dozen Videos and Links

Tuesday Night Ride Recap 11/28

20.09 miles 10.8 mph average 1009 feet climbing 55 degrees Only Sarah and I rode Tuesday night. We decided to take it easy. We rode up the trail from Mason to Washington Ave. We crossed through Woodsdale to 88. Up 88 to Waddles Run. Up Falls Drive to Oglebay. We rode through Oglebay looking at the Christmas lights. We climbed up past the lodge to the circle at the top of the hill, then headed out 88. We turned right to head down past the Pine Room to Caddy Camp Road. Back up Caddy Camp to 88. We stopped at the Ski Lodge to admire the new firepit that Oglebay installed next to the lodge. We headed down 88 to Speidel and proceeded to ride through the rest of the lights. We headed back out to 88, down Pogues to GC&P. Through Woodsdale where Sarah headed home. I went back over to Washington Ave and headed to the trail.

I passed 2900 miles for the year today

2902 to be exact. It was so nice today that I wanted to get out and ride for a while. See previous post for details. Right at the end of the ride I passed 2900 miles for the year. My previous best was 1775 in 2003. That was when I got a new Klein Q Carbon Race road bike. I have over 2200 miles on the Lemond Poprad this year vs 671 on the Klein. My Klein Mantra is hanging on the wall in the garage.

Sunday Ride Wrapup (11/26)

I started from my house on RT 214 in Bellaire. 60-70 degrees 42.69 miles 12.70 Average 2728 feet climbing Rt 214 out towards I-470 Crossover the highway Left on Dixon Hill, immediate right on McGregor Hill Rd (partial gravel). Left on Willow Grove Road Left on RT 149 to Bellaire Road through Bellaire up past Muxie distributors Ramp onto Rt 7 Exit at Bridgeport Crossed back channel bridge Crossed suspension bridge Main street to trail Trail to east wheeling Turned left onto McCulloch Street Turned onto National Rd Turned left at TJ's and headed through Hamiton Ave. Onto Rt 88 Stopped at Convenient for snack Headed up Waddles Run Rd Turned onto Falls Drive Through Oglebay Turned right onto Caddy Camp Road (gravel) Caddy Camp runs along the Crispin Golf Course and connects with 88 at the top I turned into Leewood Park and visited my mom Climbed out of the neighborhood (8-10% climb) Back on Rt 88 Turned left on Pogues Run Road Turned left onto GC&P Back on 88 Through Hamilton to Na

Tuesday Night (11/21) Ride Wrapup

UPDATED Doug, Brian, Sarah, and I rode on Tuesday Night. Starting temp 37, ending temp 32. We rode out to Rt 40 and headed east. We turned up Roneys Point Run Rd. We crossed Chapel Hill and headed down Maxwell Hill. At Peters Run we headed down toward Rt 40 and turned right onto Browns Run Rd (nice climb). At the top we turned left onto Boggs Hill Rd and headed down to Edgington Lane. On the way down two C-140(?) were flying across the I-70 valley. We dropped off Sarah and headed over to the trail via Washington Ave. We rode 17.29 miles. Averaged 11.10 and climbed 1280 feet Routeslip from Doug

From the mailbag

The new logo for the Wheeling Heritage Trail Expansion has arrived.

Woke up this morning to this

This is the view from my house looking southeast over the Route 149 valley towards the Ohio River valley. Foggy and cold this morning.

Tuesday Night (11/14) Ride Wrapup

This is the route we took last night Doug Merriman Brian Monahan and me 24.44 mi 2620.9 ft of climbing 38-43 degrees 11.3 mph average Lots of gravel roads. UPDATED Started at Doug's house. Rt 88 GC&P Boone & Hedges North Fork Weidman Run Road West Liberty Harvey GC&P Long Run Road West Liberty Potomac Road Castleman Run Rd Long Run Road GC&P Dement Rt 88 We may be riding next Tuesday. I am heading out of town on Wed - Sun for the holidays.

From the Mailbag

Subject: Light up night Friday November 17th: This is light up night for Pittsburgh. Usual drill is we meet at 6:30pm at the 1st Avenue garage (you can park at the garage) near the new PNC Operations Center at the downtown end of the Eliza Furnace Trail. We can assemble right in front of the Golden Triangle Bike Rental Shop. If you have a roof top bike rack remember to take your bike off before you enter the garage. There are restrooms in the garage and at the trail head. The Pennsylvania Wheelmen are also meeting here so don't be confused with other bikers. 1) We start riding at 7:00pm sharp! (If you get there late you can catch the group at Station Square as we come back from the first part of the loop) 2) You must have a helmet, lights (front and rear) and proper clothing depending on the weather. (You can always use a head lamp duct taped to your helmet) 3) If it is raining or below freezing we will not ride due to dangerous road conditions. 4) We do a 8 to 10 mile ride headin

11/8 Wednesday Night Wrapup

19.81 miles/10.2 mph ave/1585 feet ascent Four people showed up for the night ride. John, Doug, Sarah and I started at Mason Rehab at 6pm. We rode out Middle Creek and turned up Miller Hill (gravel). Pretty good climb with lots of switchbacks. There is a nice downhill and climb before Limestone and Dallas road (paved). About two thirds of the way to Stone Church we took a short cut onto Stanford Road (gravel) which has some rollers before it hooks up with Stone Church Road (paved). A couple of rollers later we turned right onto Halsteed Hill (gravel). We stopped halfway down to find John's water bottle that he juggled. Halsteed runs right into Middle Wheeling Creek (paved). All flat back to Rt 40. Rt 40 back into Elm Grove. Dave continued his string of absences. I called him around 4:30pm to remind him about the ride, but he was a no show.

11/3 Weekend Ride Wrapup

Sarah called on Saturday at 11am to go for a ride. It was 38 degrees at the time. We decided that it would probably be better to ride on Sunday since it was supposed to be in the mid fifties on Sunday. 40.17 miles 13.30 mph ave 1419 feet vertical climbing I rode from my house down into Bellaire and rode RT7 up to Bridgeport. I crossed the island and headed into town. I took the trail out to Washington Ave and headed down National Road to meet Sarah. We rode out 88 to Waddles Run. Once we climbed into Oglebay we turned onto Caddy Camp Road and headed up to 88. We headed out 88 and stopped at Henry's Gas Station. John Cusack and Brad Hand showed up and we BS'd for a while. Then we headed out GCP to Short Creek. We headed down the trail to town and headed out to Washington Ave. We ended up at Sarah's on National Road. I headed over to my brother's house where I requested SAG. I am only 2 miles from hitting 2800 miles for the year.

Week of 10/30 Rides

Monday rode the trail with Sarah. It was in the lower 60's for the ride. We rode 22.5 miles @ 13.9mph WEATHER UPDATE - We will be watching the weather on Wednesday. Wednesday: Increasing clouds with showers arriving sometime in the afternoon. High 52F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%. Wednesday night: Rain showers early mixing with snow showers late. Low 31F. Winds light and variable. Chance of precip 40%. Wednesday Night Ride starting at Mason Rehab Center in Elm Grove at 6pm-6:15pm. Last week we had three people, hopefully we will have more this week (that means you Dave, but Kevin has already canceled). Weather looks good. Might be mid 50's for the ride. Please bring headlights and dress appropriately.

Bicycle Furniture

Cool bicycle furniture made from recovered/recycled bicycles.

10/25 Wednesday Night Ride Recap

27.8 miles/11.1 mph ave/1725 feet climbing/38-48 degrees Kevin, Sarah and I rode on Wednesday Night. We started at Mason Rehab. It was cloudy and 48 degrees with a slight breeze. We headed over to National Road and headed out towards Triadelphia. We turned onto Peters Run Road. About 2/3 the way up Peters Run we turned right onto Maxwell Hill Road. This is a gravel road that climbs slowly and ends up a steeper at the end where it connects with Chapel Hill Road. We turned left onto Chapel Hill Road and headed out to Dement Road. From there we turned right onto Dement and rode to the GC&P junction. From there we turned left and coasted down to 88. We crossed 88 and kept going on GC&P until Boone and Hedges. We turned right onto Boone and Hedges, also a gravel road, which is fairly flat until the end. It climbs up through several farms, we had several dogs barking and chasing. The other side is a nice long downhill with switchbacks that leads to North Fork. We turned left onto Nor

Week of 10/23 Rides

Wednesday Night Ride starting at Doug's house in Oglebay at 6pm. We will be riding on gravel roads and climbing some hills this week. Planned route may be out 88 to GC&P to Boone and Hedges road. From there we will hit North Fork back to 88. After we go through West Liberty we will climb the hill out towards Bethany. We will turn off onto Locust Grove down to Castlemans Run over to Longs Run Road over to GC&P. From GC&P we will turn onto Dement Run Rd back to 88 and back to Doug's. Last week we had three people, hopefully we will have more this week (I have given up on Dave, but Kevin may join us). Weather looks clear but cold. Might be upper 40's, low 50's for the ride. Please bring headlights, mountain bike with lower gearing, and dress appropriately. If you don't own cold weather gear you may want to stop at Wheelcraft and check out their gloves, jackets, and headgear. Please call me at 304-281-7041 for directions to Doug's house.

10/20 Weekend Recap

16 miles/16 mph ave. I decided to ride from my house to my brothers house for my nieces birthday dinner/party. So I started out on 214 and rode out to Rt40. Down the hill through Blaine to Bridgeport. Then I crossed the suspension bridge into town. I headed down Main Street to 12th up to Chapline where I headed up wheeling hill. I cruised down the other side and headed into Woodsdale where I ended at my brothers house.

10/13 Weekend Wrapup

37 miles/13.6mph/2252 feet climbing I decided to ride on Sunday. I rode from my house on Rt 214 (outside of Bellaire) towards the I-470 interchange. I passed over the highway and turned right onto Kirkwoods Heights Road. The ridge road has rollers as it progresses towards the Ohio River Valley. The descent from the ridge to Bridgeport is very fast and steep. It ranges from 8 percent to 16 percent and is very rough. I crossed onto Wheeling Island across the back channel bridge and crossed into downtown Wheeling via the suspension bridge. I stopped midway across the bridge because I heard music, which I thought was coming from the waterfront. It was not. I looked down the river and noticed the Mississippi or Delta Queen heading south on the river playing music on a steam calliope. I headed through town onto the trail out to Elm Grove. Rt 40 took me to Peters Run Road where I headed up to Rt 88. The grocery store at the top the hill is closed. I stopped at my mom's house in Leewood Pa

Russell Peck Memorial Ride

On Saturday, Oct. 21st at 9:00 am, a ride will be held to honor Russell Peck. The ride will be approximately 5 miles long and is open to anyone with a helmet and bike. After the official ride, if people are interested a longer ride will be organized. The ride will start at Trizilla, 15 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh PA, 15215. For more information, contact Christopher Danz Manager/Head Mechanic Trizilla Triathlon Equipment Co. 1-800-504-5392 A few words about Russ Russell Peck was an avid cyclist who fell in love with the sport over the last few years. He was dedicated to his training and showed unbelievable improvement during his tenure with the Trizilla Cycling Team, especially in the area of hill climbing. He was a great friend to everyone on the team and always had the first smile of the ride. His grin was contagious and he was always a pleasure to be around. Russell was taken from us prematurely when he was murdered a few weeks ago. We will all miss him very much and would lik

Wednesday Night Ride 10/11/2006 WRAPUP

22.5 miles/13.3mph/RAIN Doug, Sarah, and I rode on Wednesday night. We had sprinkles for a little bit. It cleared up and was quite nice riding back from the damn, until we hit east Wheeling. About a half a mile from Tunnel Green the clouds opened up and rained down. It continued to get heavier as we neared Washington Ave, where we bid Sarah farewll, and started to lighten up as we made it to the trail head in Elm Grove. I am still planning on riding tonight if the rain moves through. The weather shows clearing late afternoon, and chance of rain early evening. Kevin cannot ride tonight, so I would like to start at the Mason Rehab Center at 7pm. Please email to let me know if you will be riding. My cell phone number is 304-281-7041.

Week of 10/09 rides

We will be watching the weather for this Wednesday's night ride. It looks like rain. This weekend in New Martinsville; Fall Tour de Monroe 326 Main Street New Martinsville, WV Baristas CafĂ©&Pub October 14 – 9 AM Following the ride all participants and family are invited to Gary McIntire’s famous barn party. A New York Times story has been written about Gary’s party. The current October issue of Ohio Magazine will feature Gary and his place. Food aplenty including, but not limited to a roast pig, home cooked autumn specialties and all legal beverages will be served. At 5 p.m. , John Fridy’s jazz band will provide music. Anyone wishing to camp on some part of Gary’s 160 acres is welcome to do so. A food dish with a fall harvest theme or a donation of $10 would be welcome but the only thing that is mandatory is a friendly attitude. You can check the place out at : 20 mile mostly flat ride 30 mile mostly flat ride 45 miles some hills Further info: yevuta@

10/06 Weekend Wrapup UPDATE

58 miles/16.1 mph average/1700 feet climbing/sunny 40-70 degrees I did not make it down to the Seagull Century beacuse of the weather. But, Dave Crow and I headed up to Franklin, PA to ride with his friend Sam Gibb. When we arrived in town we headed right into the AppleFest . After driving aound the center of town to avoid the festivities we finally arrived at Sam's house. Sam had several of his friends, Cubby and John, join us for the ride. We started out from Franklin on 322 and rode out of town. We turned onto 427, then 173, on 27 down into Titusville. From Titusville we rode through the Oil Creek State Park down to 8 into Oil City. From Oil City we rode the rail trail back to the crazy traffic of the AppleFest in Franklin. It was nice riding in a different area and seeing different scenery. Hopefully we will get a group together and go up next year.


Ray: Had a great time with my son, Seth, at the Findley Connector event yesterday. Weather was sunny & in the low 60's. Road was very nice & perfect for Seth in that the hills were not too bad at all (maybe 3% at most). We did 9 miles in all and saw a beaver dam too boot. Lot's of cyclist's including a little girl ona two wheeler with training wheels. There were about 50 motorcycles and 50 old cars for a car show. Bands & food as well! Keep the rubber side down.......... Later, John For your info there is a new road opening in Pittsburgh this weekend from the Airport to Rt 22 called the Findley Connector. It will be open to cyclists & runners on Saturday to kickoff the opening. Rides & food will be available all day. Nice ride for kids for sure! Parking is over by the old airport on Business 60. Road is ~ 6 miles long (one way). My 8 yr old Seth will be riding his new Trek KDR1000 road bike. He is all pumped for sure. Later, John Carenbauer Satu

Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedal UPDATE

I own two sets of the original Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals for my cross and road bikes. On Sunday while I was riding my Lemond Poprad, the right pedal started to snap and crackle while I was pedaling. I knew that they had not been rebuilt in at least 2000 miles and figured that it was time. On my way up the last hill, I stood up, clipped in, and the pedal flew off the spindle. I had to call sag (my wife) to transport me home. The bearings are held in with a snap ring. The bolt holds the pedal on the spindle with direct contact to the bearings. When the sealed bearings fail, as in my case, the pedal body slides over the bolt, thus ejecting the pedal body from the spindle. Luckily I did not hurt myself, but I can imagine the injury if a pedal body sslides off and your leg slides down the spindle. This from Crank Brothers We have greatly improved the design of the eggbeater since the original 2002 eggbeater model that you have. Instead of a plug with a snap ring, newer eggbeaters hav

Sunday Ride Review

Miles: 47 Ascent:2100 feet Kevin and I rode from Elm Grove out RT 40 (newly paved) to McGraws Run (newly paved). GC&P down to West Liberty Harvey to West Libirty. We turned left onto 88 and climbed the wall. We rode straight onto Apple Pie Ridge to Hartley Hill Rd and met up with 67. 67 leads to RT 2. We took the Brooke Pioneer Trail to Rt 2 (trail is not finished) back to Wheeling Heritage Trail to Elm Grove.

For Sale

If anyone is interested in the Shimano SC-6501 (9 speed/triple) compatible cyclocomputer, please let me know. It is three years old, works great, but I replaced it with the VDO MC 1.0 for use on both my Lemond and Klein. Oak Floor to Ceiling Bicycle Rack for sale - I will have pictures later 304-281-7041

Seagull Century CANCELED

The weather forecast for MD is horrible. A low will be swirling around causing high winds and rain so I will be in the Wheeling area for the weekend. If anybody wants to ride this weekend let me know. I may go ride the Findley Connector for fun. See story above for more information. 304-281-7041 I will NOT be riding the Wednesday night ride during the week of October 2. On Thursday I will be heading down to Salisbury, Maryland to ride the Seagull Century. Your on your own for the Wednesday Night Ride and weekend rides. The weather looks to be good this weekend.

Wednesday Night Ride Report

We had four people for the Wednesday night ride. Kevin, Doug, Sarah, and I rode 32 miles. We rode the trail from Elm Grove to Wheeling, then continued up to the Brooke county line. On the return down the river we decided to ride up 1st Street towards North Park. Then we turned onto Mt Wood Road down to National Road and the Indian. We then rode down Wheeling Hill past Fulton, through Woodsdale, where Sarah left us, and down National Road to Elm Grove. Weather was nice, it was cool and clear.

Weekend Ride Report

hey everyone, went on a good ride with ray george. rode down to moundsville, then up pipe creek to 147. i managed to clock a ravaging dog right square in the jaw while he was in attack mode. then shot down off the ridge to bellaire. very pleasent ride. want to get together with everyone for a ride sometime. cell # 740 359 9520. riding cross bike throught the winter. i ride year around. if you want to come into quick service bike shop i work there. so keep the rubber side down and i be talking to ya. later. SUPERDAVE

Week of September 18 Rides

The weekly night ride will be on Wednesday September 27 at 8PM. We will be riding past Mason rehab at 8:10PM and Washington Ave at 8:15-8:20PM. We will be riding som gravel roads this week so please put on the knobbies, charge your lights, and wear some layered clothing. We will be starting from Kevin's house in Elm Grove. Email me for directions. This weekend I may try to get out and ride one or both days depending on weather and chores. Ray PS. Please post any rides that you want to organize for this week.

Night Ride RECAP

We will be riding Wednesday night (September 20, 2006) starting at 8pm. Pleasse bring lights, mountain or cross bike, and we may be bundling up because of the weather. We will be passing the Mason Rehab around 8:10PM and Washington Ave trailhead around 8:15-8:20PM. RECAP The ride was nice, but a little cold. Got down to 50 degrees by the end. We rode from Elm Grove to Washington Ave. Washington Ave to National Rd where we took the backstreets through Woodsdale to 88. We rode 88 to Country Club Hill, which is closed to traffic. On the first sharp bend of the hill we pass a woman with a lawn chair and tent telling us that the road is closed. We told her that the reason we were riding the hill was because the road was closed. She looked flustered and we continued riding. We took 88 all the way through Oglebay past the ski lodge and Mull's grocery to GC&P. Down GC&P to Short Creek, out to the river. At the river we took the trail back to town and back through Elm Grove to the s

Death of a fellow cyclist

This from Kevin; Very somber news of a fellow cyclist. I found out about this yesterday morning from my team director. I know that the second article is sort of long, but I raced with this guy every week at the track and was in the lead pack with him the entire race at The Tour de StrongLand. He was a good cyclist and an even greater guy. His presence at the oval and elsewhere will be missed. Wife charged in Emsworth slaying Sunday, September 17, 2006 By Cindi Lash, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette An Emsworth woman has been charged with fatally shooting her husband early Friday after the couple went to bed and then drove to a home in Potter County, where she was arrested, investigators said. Barbara Ann Peck, 40, was charged with homicide and arraigned yesterday by District Judge Suzanne Blaschak in the death of her husband, Russell Peck, 42. She is being held without bond in Allegheny County Jail. Mr. Peck's body was discovered at 8:05 p.m. Friday in the couple's home on Clearvie


Due to the West Virginia University football game on Thursday night we will be moving the night ride to Wednesday, September 13, weather pending. We are thinking of mixing it up this week and riding some hills. We will start from Kevin's house in Elm Grove at 8PM. Stop by earlier if you want some coffee. Please email me at or call 740-676-4494 for ride details if interested.

Thursday Night Ride moved to Wednesday

Due to the West Virginia University football game on Thursday night we will be moving the night ride to Wednesday, September 13, weather pending. We are thinking of mixing it up this week and riding some hills. We will start ealrier from Kevin's house in Elm Grove. Please email me at or call 740-676-4494 for ride details if interested.

WHTX- Wheeling Heritage Trail Expansion Plan


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