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From the mailbox

After numerous pre-championship races, two points races (in which I took 5th both weeks), and in an absolute down pour of a rain storm I finally pulled out a victory. Yep, after the women's race began last night, they had to bring the race to an end short of a finish due to lightning as the storm approached. Then around 7pm the lightning had ceased but the rains continued. In a 30 lap soul soaking, I embraced the rains from heaven and clinched a win over my team mate at that. In second place, our 17 year old not only surprised me by winning the most aggressive ride category for an unprecedented 3rd straight week, but was hanging on my wheel to the finish. This puts me one point behind the leader for the points championship as well. Tonight, I may either race in the category above mine or go out on a training ride with a team mate. Tomorrow the race results should be posted. As soon as they are available, I will send everyone the link. Until then, I hope everyone is having