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From the inbox

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be riding tomorrow night (Thursday August 31) as far as I know. If the weather is not favorable we will cancel the ride at 8:30. Feel free to call me between 8:30 and 9:00 if your still unsure if we are riding or not 304-238-0091. Don't forget to plug in your lights tonight or tomorrow morning. Prompt start at 9pm. Let me know if your coming for coffee at 8:30 so I make enough. Also, please forward to anyone who may be interested. We encourage you to spread the word. All riding styles and speeds welcome. This is an easy enjoyable spin. Kevin Ayers

Almost getting hit... (in the Ohio Valley)

This from an email I received this morning. Well as some of you know this past weekend, a few of us were almost ran off the road while cycling by some guy. Well here is the low down of the event for those that do not know the whole story. There were five of us riding. Doug and myself were out front (I was 12-15" to the left of his back wheel). Following us were Kim, Jim and Stephan riding in single file. The guy went past those three and almost took Jim out by coming a few inches from his handlebar (that would have been a bad scene). When the guy got to Doug and myself, he was laying on his horn. He had plenty of room to pass for no cars were coming and you could see for a good 3/4 of a mile. The guy then slowed down to match our speed (speed limit was 45 and we were going 24-25mph) and then moved closer to Doug and myself (i.e. he got really close). He came within inches of taking me out. Once passed, he sped up and off he went. Thankfully, Stephan stored the license pl

Tunnel Day Photos

Delta Cycles Waterproof Pannier Review

During our ride on the Allegheny Passage from West Newton to Frostburg I used the Delta Cycles Waterproof Pannier. I think that it could handle a 2-3 day trip with careful packing. I packed all of my stuff in ziplock bags to better organize. On the trip home it poured rain for 15 minutes and the panniers lived up to their hype. No water or mud made its way into panniers. When closing the bags it has a roll top with a snap clasp and a velcro strap. Then the upper cover fold over to completely cover the roll and straps. It has several small pockets on the rear inside panel. But other than that it is one open bag.

Tunnel Day, August 26, 2006 (Saturday), 9am – 4pm.

August 26, 2006 (Saturday), 9am – 4pm. Meet at Wheeling Health Right parking lot, 61 29th Street. Food and beverages, gloves and tools will be provided. Contacts: Ben Stout, WJU 243-2316, coordinator, Erin McDonald, WJU 243-8728, Susie Nelson, City of Wheeling 234-3617, Sponsors: Wheeling Jesuit University Wheeling Walks Wheeling National Heritage Area City of Wheeling, West Virginia Ohio County Health Department West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, WV Make it Shine Program Ohio County Walkers and Runners Club Lowe’s of South Wheeling Riesbeck’s Food Stores Domino’s Pizza Wheeling Walks invites the public to join with students from Wheeling Jesuit University in cleaning up trash, cutting brush, and sprucing up the area around the south portal of Chaplin Hill Tunnel. The area is currently an eye sorer and subject to trash dumping within the South Wheeling development area. The purpose of the cleanup is to r

Review of The Allegheny Passage Trail Let me start by saying that this was the most beautiful ride I have done. The variety of landscape, along with the grade of the trail, made the ride a pleasure. On Saturday we rode 104 miles from West Newton, PA to Frostburg, MD (Average 13.1mph). The elevation of West Newton is 769'. The eastern continental divide is 96 miles to the east. So you climb for 96 miles on a slight grade, cross the divide, then drop 500' in 6 miles to Frostburg. The divide does not have a marker, it is only a tunnel underneath a road crossing. We left at 9:30AM and arrived in Frostburg at 8:30PM to a friendly face. My wife surprised us by joining us for the evening. We ate at Giuseppe's Restaurant . Very good food and service. We decided to stay at the Days Inn which was several miles from the trailhead. If you decide to stay at Days Inn call ahead and arrange pickup. My wife drove us over to the hotel, so we avoided climbing the switchback up to the rail station and a fa