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Biomega Bicycles

The Biomega Philosophy is a part of Biomega's stronghold of ideas. We believe a strong vision and belief is a necessity for any post-millennium company. Conceived by Jens Martin Skibsted in the midst of Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, child of aesthetics and ethics, Biomega's Philosophy is a bastard. A new breed set out to make towns and cities lovelier, beautiful and cleaner places to be. We want to spread the love we put into our bikes to the people who ride them. We believe that a kind osmosis from the bike to the rider takes place, spreading our feel for quality and originality. When Biomega decided to make these marvelous new machines for our towns and cities, new values had to be produced and implemented: "New Tech, New Ethics and New Aesthetics" was Biomega's immediate response. It came naturally to fuse the innovation and urban commuting part and a set of new and simple product principles: Biomega Website

Bicycle Fixation Website

Bicycle Fixation is for the practical and passionate is about urban bicycling & culture; sprawl & suburbs; sustainability; politics, paradigms, place; and planetary community. The bicycle is antithetical to sprawl, to isolationism, to waste. The bicycle is complementary to community, economy, sustainability, and self-reliance. In this age of mindless consumerism, of atomized populations living in boxes, working in boxes, and traveling in boxes, almost always alone, with only the electronic voices of their new feudal lords to guide them through life, the bicycle becomes an instrument of gentle revolution. Multiply the strength of your body with each turn of the crank, and multiply the strength of your heart with each fellow rider you meet, on the street and in these pages. Find yourself here.

Klunkerz - A film about mountain bikes.

My first "mountain bike" was a Peugeot 26 inch urban bike my brother brought back from Boston MA. I high-jacked it and added a triple and some Peterson SE brakes (helical post mount cantilevers). Let us know your first mountain bike model. Hopefully Klunkerz will be available on DVD soon. Unfortunately the Bicycle Film Festival does not come near our area. New York - May 16-20, 2007 Los Angeles London Paris Chicago Minneapolis Toronto Portland San Francisco Vienna London Milano Roma Barcelona Tokyo Sydney - Filming the New York City Streets Renaissance

StreetFilms is a project of the New York City Street Renaissance (NYCSR), a collection of non-profits geared towards re-imagining the city’s public spaces and making our streets safer for pedestrians, bicycles and non-vehicular modes of transportation. The goal of the NYCSR is to engage the Department of Transportation and the city’s elected officials in a dialogue about how to best improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers. The NYCSR includes The Open Planning Project , Transportation Alternatives and Project for Public Spaces , and maintains Streetsblog , and the StreetFilms video weblog. The NYCSR and the StreetFilms project have grown quickly in the past year. The short-form videos that have marked the StreetFilms campaign thus far have raised awareness on topics as varied as physically separated bike lanes and neighborhood re-design led by residents. Our continued work in video is aimed at achieving a measure of equality in terms of the way space is allocated to the p