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Selle SMP Saddle

The SMP saddle is the pioneer in a new way of conceiving the bicycle saddle: a meticulous study of the positions taken on during the race and the functional analysis of the interactions of the various parts of the body with the saddle. The site... I have the "Evolution" model and I can attest that this seat is the most comfortable I have used.

Another Bicycle Movie

Quicksilver (1986) Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon)used to be a hot-shot stock market whiz kid. After a disastrous professional decision, his life in the fast lane is over. He loses his nerve and joins a speed delivery firm which relies on bicycles to avoid traffic jams of San Francisco, is attracted to a fellow bicycler, Terri, and befriends Hector, a budding entrepreneur. Can Jack regain his nerve and his self-respect, and rebuild his life on a more sound basis?

Folding bicycles

Dahon was founded with the singular purpose of convincing more people to use environmentally-sustainable forms of transport. To accomplish this goal, we've focused on creating innovative but reasonably-priced folding bicycles. Back in 1982, we started a revolution with our first pioneering folding bicycle. That revolution is now changing the way people around the world move themselves from point A to point B. With over 2 million folding bicycles sold, we are the proud worldwide leader in folding bicycles. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, California and our bicycles are assembled in our factories in Taiwan, Macau, the Czech Republic and China with parts sourced from the leading component manufacturers from around the world. Our bicycles are sold in over 30 countries. We are proud to say that a majority of our 700+ worldwide employees travel to work by bicycle, public transport, or a combination of both. Dahon is committed to creating green mobility solutions for people who live

Welcome to Busch & Müller - product line comparison

The Big Bang light is very impressive in output.

Bike Rack Mania

Bike Security Racks Co., Inc. designs manufactures and markets a complete line of indoor and outdoor bicycle racks and bike shelters. Based on more than 35 years of experience in serving the architectural and construction markets, we continually strive to create new and varied bicycle storage systems to suit expanding needs. Here are some typical installations of our bike racks and bicycle stands used by schools, universities, apartment buildings, condominiums, home owners, retail stores and government agencies. Please look at the categories at the bottom of the page to see our complete line of traditional, contemporary, vertical storage and two-tier storage bike racks, bicycle stands and bike sheds. The site...

CDRIVE - Belt Drive Powered Bike

Goodbye to messy, greasy chains! - Enjoy the comfort, convenience and ultra low maintenance of this easy riding bike equipped with the innovative U.S. made CDRIVE belt system. Developed in the USA, the CDRIVE system uses the same proven leading-edge belt technology that's successfully powered Harley Davidson Motorcycles for many years. More...

Most expensive bicycle lights I have ever seen, REVISITED

Lupine BETTY 12 22W Power LED lamp, 1400 Lumens, Advanced Lens Disk 16°, frontglass anti-reflection coated, PCS 007 V7, 22/9/0,25 W, 3D adjustable mount, LED monitor, H-mount, 120 cm ex cable, Li-Ion rechargeable battery bottle 13,8 Ah,Charger One battery charger: charging current 2.5 A Burn time 22 W: 6 hours Burn time 0,25 W: 336 hours ( 2 week non-stop ) Charging time: 8 hours Weight: 810 g $990.00 1400 lumens for $990.00! My only issue with this setup is the heat output. Supposedly when the lights are running at full output and you slow down the light will sense increase in temperature and adjust the light output. I do not experience this issue with my Light and Motion lights.

Detour Deluxe

A stellar all-city commuter, the all-new Detour Deluxe gives riders a “deluxe” utility vehicle at an unbeatable price. You never have to second-guess riding in the dark, because it’s equipped with a Basta Pilot lighting system in the front & back. The Shimano dynamo hub allows you to choose between an On/Auto/Off function. Full SKS fender, a rear rack, full Shimano drivetrain, and disc brakes round out the package – we don’t use the word “deluxe” lightly around here. The link...

Suede Coasting DX

SUEDE COASTING SERIES Return to easy. Come back to two-wheeling on a Suede Coasting bike, with a virtually maintenance-free 3-speed automatic drivetrain by Shimano—the latest technology combined with clean, beautiful lines and simple, modern styling. FRAME TECHNOLOGY Born from a holistic design approach that combines clean, beautiful lines and simple, modern styling with Shimano’s automatic shifting Coasting product platform, the Suede Coasting DX is the fully loaded new accessory for fun. The link...

Bulletproof biking from Kona!

$349.00 3 speed internal rear hub Thornproof tires. The site...


A person, male or female, that participates in the sport of randonneuring, long-distance bicycling, not as a race, but as a self regulated pace in order to complete a designated route within a designated period of time. More information about randonneuring can be found on the Randonneuring USA (RUSA) web space at RUSA is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization whose primary goals are to promote randonneuring in the USA and to serve the USA's randonneuring community. Ohio Randonneurs is an informal organization of bicycle riders dedicated to Randonneuring and organizes several long distance events each year in the Ohio area.