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Tuesday Night Ride Recap 11/28

20.09 miles 10.8 mph average 1009 feet climbing 55 degrees Only Sarah and I rode Tuesday night. We decided to take it easy. We rode up the trail from Mason to Washington Ave. We crossed through Woodsdale to 88. Up 88 to Waddles Run. Up Falls Drive to Oglebay. We rode through Oglebay looking at the Christmas lights. We climbed up past the lodge to the circle at the top of the hill, then headed out 88. We turned right to head down past the Pine Room to Caddy Camp Road. Back up Caddy Camp to 88. We stopped at the Ski Lodge to admire the new firepit that Oglebay installed next to the lodge. We headed down 88 to Speidel and proceeded to ride through the rest of the lights. We headed back out to 88, down Pogues to GC&P. Through Woodsdale where Sarah headed home. I went back over to Washington Ave and headed to the trail.

I passed 2900 miles for the year today

2902 to be exact. It was so nice today that I wanted to get out and ride for a while. See previous post for details. Right at the end of the ride I passed 2900 miles for the year. My previous best was 1775 in 2003. That was when I got a new Klein Q Carbon Race road bike. I have over 2200 miles on the Lemond Poprad this year vs 671 on the Klein. My Klein Mantra is hanging on the wall in the garage.

Sunday Ride Wrapup (11/26)

I started from my house on RT 214 in Bellaire. 60-70 degrees 42.69 miles 12.70 Average 2728 feet climbing Rt 214 out towards I-470 Crossover the highway Left on Dixon Hill, immediate right on McGregor Hill Rd (partial gravel). Left on Willow Grove Road Left on RT 149 to Bellaire Road through Bellaire up past Muxie distributors Ramp onto Rt 7 Exit at Bridgeport Crossed back channel bridge Crossed suspension bridge Main street to trail Trail to east wheeling Turned left onto McCulloch Street Turned onto National Rd Turned left at TJ's and headed through Hamiton Ave. Onto Rt 88 Stopped at Convenient for snack Headed up Waddles Run Rd Turned onto Falls Drive Through Oglebay Turned right onto Caddy Camp Road (gravel) Caddy Camp runs along the Crispin Golf Course and connects with 88 at the top I turned into Leewood Park and visited my mom Climbed out of the neighborhood (8-10% climb) Back on Rt 88 Turned left on Pogues Run Road Turned left onto GC&P Back on 88 Through Hamilton to Na

Tuesday Night (11/21) Ride Wrapup

UPDATED Doug, Brian, Sarah, and I rode on Tuesday Night. Starting temp 37, ending temp 32. We rode out to Rt 40 and headed east. We turned up Roneys Point Run Rd. We crossed Chapel Hill and headed down Maxwell Hill. At Peters Run we headed down toward Rt 40 and turned right onto Browns Run Rd (nice climb). At the top we turned left onto Boggs Hill Rd and headed down to Edgington Lane. On the way down two C-140(?) were flying across the I-70 valley. We dropped off Sarah and headed over to the trail via Washington Ave. We rode 17.29 miles. Averaged 11.10 and climbed 1280 feet Routeslip from Doug

From the mailbag

The new logo for the Wheeling Heritage Trail Expansion has arrived.

Woke up this morning to this

This is the view from my house looking southeast over the Route 149 valley towards the Ohio River valley. Foggy and cold this morning.

Tuesday Night (11/14) Ride Wrapup

This is the route we took last night Doug Merriman Brian Monahan and me 24.44 mi 2620.9 ft of climbing 38-43 degrees 11.3 mph average Lots of gravel roads. UPDATED Started at Doug's house. Rt 88 GC&P Boone & Hedges North Fork Weidman Run Road West Liberty Harvey GC&P Long Run Road West Liberty Potomac Road Castleman Run Rd Long Run Road GC&P Dement Rt 88 We may be riding next Tuesday. I am heading out of town on Wed - Sun for the holidays.

From the Mailbag

Subject: Light up night Friday November 17th: This is light up night for Pittsburgh. Usual drill is we meet at 6:30pm at the 1st Avenue garage (you can park at the garage) near the new PNC Operations Center at the downtown end of the Eliza Furnace Trail. We can assemble right in front of the Golden Triangle Bike Rental Shop. If you have a roof top bike rack remember to take your bike off before you enter the garage. There are restrooms in the garage and at the trail head. The Pennsylvania Wheelmen are also meeting here so don't be confused with other bikers. 1) We start riding at 7:00pm sharp! (If you get there late you can catch the group at Station Square as we come back from the first part of the loop) 2) You must have a helmet, lights (front and rear) and proper clothing depending on the weather. (You can always use a head lamp duct taped to your helmet) 3) If it is raining or below freezing we will not ride due to dangerous road conditions. 4) We do a 8 to 10 mile ride headin

11/8 Wednesday Night Wrapup

19.81 miles/10.2 mph ave/1585 feet ascent Four people showed up for the night ride. John, Doug, Sarah and I started at Mason Rehab at 6pm. We rode out Middle Creek and turned up Miller Hill (gravel). Pretty good climb with lots of switchbacks. There is a nice downhill and climb before Limestone and Dallas road (paved). About two thirds of the way to Stone Church we took a short cut onto Stanford Road (gravel) which has some rollers before it hooks up with Stone Church Road (paved). A couple of rollers later we turned right onto Halsteed Hill (gravel). We stopped halfway down to find John's water bottle that he juggled. Halsteed runs right into Middle Wheeling Creek (paved). All flat back to Rt 40. Rt 40 back into Elm Grove. Dave continued his string of absences. I called him around 4:30pm to remind him about the ride, but he was a no show.

11/3 Weekend Ride Wrapup

Sarah called on Saturday at 11am to go for a ride. It was 38 degrees at the time. We decided that it would probably be better to ride on Sunday since it was supposed to be in the mid fifties on Sunday. 40.17 miles 13.30 mph ave 1419 feet vertical climbing I rode from my house down into Bellaire and rode RT7 up to Bridgeport. I crossed the island and headed into town. I took the trail out to Washington Ave and headed down National Road to meet Sarah. We rode out 88 to Waddles Run. Once we climbed into Oglebay we turned onto Caddy Camp Road and headed up to 88. We headed out 88 and stopped at Henry's Gas Station. John Cusack and Brad Hand showed up and we BS'd for a while. Then we headed out GCP to Short Creek. We headed down the trail to town and headed out to Washington Ave. We ended up at Sarah's on National Road. I headed over to my brother's house where I requested SAG. I am only 2 miles from hitting 2800 miles for the year.