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Columbus Fall Challenge

Columbus Fall Challenge September 29-30, 2007 There will be no more updates to this article. Most unknowns about Columbus Fall Challenge are resolved. CFC was at one point canceled and got resurrected on September 1st. As such there will be no patches or T-shirts this year. CFC will start at Berne Union Schools in Sugar Grove and end at the Betsy Mills in Marietta. Breakfast will be served at the Marietta Middle School. Located on Seventh St. by the YMCA. The routes are finalized. Expect a hillier route than the past several years. For a detail of the ride see ride detail. The Saturday route should be around 112 miles, the Sunday route around 103 miles. The course profile is by Delorme Topo which overstates the actual climbing so reduce the numbers by say 10%. Registering Late Try to get your applications in such that they arrive no later than Thursday September 27th. If you have doubts about your application arriving by Thursday